Thursday, October 23, 2014

Now Hear This! Maurice Ravel's Rhapsodie Espagnole

So I was cleaning the stove today and whilst I had the top up (you did know it does that right?) there was an explosion of thunder so immense I about lost my bladder. The dogs both launched themselves from the couch and are now attached to my bum while I attempt to put a chicken in the oven. You know how it is when they try to insert themselves into your person by osmosis, right? I'm lucky I haven't stepped on them so far.


I just LOVE a good storm, don't you? It's been raining sheets today and I find it hugely entertaining! I remembered when listening to Pandora the other day that this lovely piece by Ravel would go perfect with the general mood of the day, in fact, it's very Hallowe'en-y with a bit of Spanish flair thrown in for good measure. At any rate, if you've an imagination like I do, a very thrilling story will show itself to you if you give it a listen. A thrilling and scary adventure, a game of cat-and-mouse, and about eleven minutes in, I envision a ballroom scene with dancers performing. Call me weird, that's just what I see in my mind's eye. 

What do you see?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

In the Pink

I painted my accent wall pink. Yep. I was going to post this earlier this week, but I was trying to make it look PERFECT for blogland. Though today is Thursday already and I figured if I didn't get it on here now, this post would fall by the wayside and I'm really trying to get at least ONE post out every week. So! Here it is, flash photography an' all. (It's rather dark this week what with the rain coming back.) Take a lookie:
I finished putting up pictures! On one wall! Ahem.

So, I was going to keep it all black-frames, but then the round bird picture and the botanical print and the brass mirror were like, "can we come to the party on your wall?" and I was like "why not?" and they were like, "cool!" so how could I say no?
When I said I finished the pictures though, what I meant was finished them for the moment, because you never know when you're going to have to add here and there, amiright?  In fact, there are some other pretties waiting in the wings, but I kind of want to add a gold accent to the accent wall first. I'm all about excess. Actually what I'm all about is what makes me happy, and pink and gold = happy.

Like this (only with paint instead of contact paper):
Found here

Or this:
Found here

It's almost a combination of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and William Morris. Ooh, it just gave me a little frisson! It must be the thing. We shall see.

Ack! On a side note; have you ever popped over to to check the spelling of something in your blog post or other bit of writing? Did you think you were hearing voices because some idiotic advertisement on the dictionary website starts playing and it's someone whispering and it scares the bejeezus out of you? No? Just checking.

Anyhoo, that's all for now. By the way, there were some AMAZING Harvest/Halloween-y recipes over on The House That Lars Built that I'll be trying out this weekend. I love a good roasted root vegetable. You should check it out!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thrift Score Thursday

Once again it's time for my new favorite Instagram/Twitter game, Thrift Score Thursday! I like to imagine saying it like the announcer on The Muppet Show sketch Pigs In Space. If you aren't familiar with The Muppet Show, I must insist you watch a few episodes. Like right now. I'll wait.

Anyhoo! Brynne of The Gathered Home, Trisha of Black and White Obsession and now Cassie of Primitive and Proper are the loveliest of lovely hosts for this fun Instagram party. 

Le Rules:
1. Find something amazing or cool or what-have-you (you know, something you SCORE) on Craigslist, at your favorite thrift shop, or yard sale, garage sale, etc.
2. Load a picture of said item to Instagram and/or Twitter and tag it with #thriftscorethursday.
3. Jump up and down like a crazy person and yell THRIFT SCORE THURSDAY!
(Step 3 optional.)
4. Visit the hashtag and like away.

My favorites of the week. (And probably last week and the week before. I've had some crazay stuff goin' on the last month; see it all HERE and HERE if you must.) 

Oh how I love thee tsfinds, and cannot wait to visit your stomping grounds. (We're practically neighbors in ye olde Washington!) Bleeping awesome! 

This pennant! Those photos! Click over to kdall070's Instagram see the other drool-worthy goodies she's come across. She also has some awesome DIY projects pictured there.... Hmmm...

This score left me a little twitterpated! I do enjoy industrial as much as the next girl, but this was a fantastic score! Give 2sisters2houses a follow, wouldja? Oh and btw, I didn't use the glass & brass bar cart for my favorite TST because I'm certain one of the other ladies probably would, but in the immortal words of Wayne & Garth, SCHWING!

Last but not least, my humble little find.... I am so torn as to whether it will go in the shop or not! It's another schwing-worthy score, methinks. What do you think? (And may I add that it is a complete and utter suckfest photographing glass? Am I alone in this?)

Thank you for joining me for Thrift Score Thursday today! Click on the links below to see more TST goodness from my most totally awesome cohosts. You won't regret it!