Monday, March 16, 2015

Now Hear This: Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue (Original Jazz Band Version)

Sit back and relax. Close your eyes. Experience genius.

Can't. Stop. Listening.

Seriously, one of my favorite pick-me-ups.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thrift Score Thursday! (And What The Heck Have I Been Up To?)

I feel like I should start this post with "Forgive me friends, for I have sinned. It has been almost thirty days since my last post..." since I haven't even looked at the blog for like, ever. I'm not beating myself up about it; I've been sick, my dog's been sick, I have had the blues for NO REASON and I am going to let it go. So there. 

Shall we get down to some thrifty goodness? It was difficult for me to choose my faves this time around! I get super excited every Thursday but I also want to remind everyone that you don't have to wait for Thursday to roll around. Post any time you get that score, and keep them coming!

First off, Shannon has had some envy-worthy scores and I love her Instagram feed in general. These tupperware coasters are the shizzle. Give her a follow!

Next  up is this ah-mazing Turkish runner from Draven of dravenmade. I am a huge sucker for textiles and this rug is super groovy. The colors are fantastical, and I can't wait to see her use it in future style shots! Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog. Lots of good stuff, and I love her furniture makeovers.

Like I said, I'm a huge textile freak and these vintage afghan pillows made me swoon! The thrifting gods smile upon Danavee of thisvintagegrove a lot. Awesome leather belt, midmod end table, macrame, oh my! Check out her blog and give her a follow on Instagram.

I've been guarding my finds like a giant, fire-breathing dragon guards the treasure under the mountain. Yes, I would like to wallow in my thrift shop finds like Scrooge McDuck wades through his treasure. Might be a wee painful but whatevs. 
Yeah, it's electric. Yeah, it works. Just YEAH! This little piggy will not be going to market. I may have a weird obsession with typewriters.

It's a metal frame with really nubbly fabric and a turquoise velvet binding. It's a marquise shape with six little metal ball-feet. I think I got it for $12 clams. Well worth it! Here's a close-up:

Well that's it for today, friends! I'll try to be a little more faithful about posting. I've been working on a few projects, doing daily yoga, and I just started The Artist's Way (again, for the umpteenth time) to kick my fanny into gear for the year. Day seven and in the immortal words of Nina Simone, I'm feeling good. 

Please check out my lovely co-hostesses with the mostesses! I can't wait to see their features and finds!

By the way! Please vote for Corinna's AWESOME Leather Pendant Lamp DIY HERE. It truly is an awesome DIY (did I mention it was awesome?) and she deserves the love. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thrift Score Thursday!

*Exclamation Alert*
Many exclamation marks are contained in this post. (!)

I'm SO excited for this week's Thrift Score Thursday! I love playing this game and have Insta-met so many talented Sister Thrifters! I can't say in words how fully I appreciate each contributor and featured thrifter for being so supportive of each other and every hashtagger who joins the party.

If you are new to the party, here's how it works:
Hit up your local thrift, Craigslist, curbside, freecycle, yard sale, tag sale, what-have-you and share your find/s on Twitter or Instagram using the #thriftscorethursday hashtag. As long as it's something you SCORE, it's in, and today is the last post for Merry Thrifted Christmas! We've seen some awesome stuff during this holiday season. I can't believe Christmas is next week! 

Don't feel like you need to save your scores for Thursday, either! Features are shared on Thursdays but we're all hashtagging and checking out your finds all week long, so when you score it, share it! 

Each week, Trisha from Black and White Obsession, Brynne from The Gathered Home, Cassie from Primitive and Proper and Corinna from For My Love Of will feature one or two finds, so please note that by linking up to the #thriftscorethursday hashtag you are giving us permission to share your finds on our blogs and social media. 

Let's get to it, shall we?!

This Hudson Bay blanket shared by amarabarra gives me the goosebumps! They are hard to come by anymore and they're usually moth-eaten though still gorgeous. This one looks to be in pretty good condition, too. Give her a follow, her Instagram is splendiferous!

This ADORABLE baby deer would look so awesome on my mantle! I'm so glad Michelle shared it! Follow her Instagram feed and check out her blog, they're both totally cute!

Coco of The Crowned Goat has a fantastic Instagram feed so full of delectable eats my stomach started growling when I was scrolling through. Truth! These santa mugs she has are the bomb diggity.

When I spied my first thrift score it was just a little edge peeking out of a big pile of stuff at St. Vincent de Paul. Neither of my scores is explicitly Christmas-themed but both have qualities that make them essential to my Christmas.
On a side note, do any of you nickname the thrift shops you frequent? My bestie and I have a couple different ones for Goodwill, like G-Dub and Will Goodman (I can't quite remember how that one got started) while we refer to St. Vincent's as either St. Vinnie's or San Vincenzo. Why? Because we're a little bit crazy it just makes sense. 
You might find this little feller atop my Christmas tree, as soon as I finish decorating it and take a picture. Christmas is next week you say? Always time to add more trim to the tree I say.

Like I said, my thrift scores aren't blatantly Christmas-themed but they both will have an impact on my Christmas festivities. 

Since I've been working on stocking a bar cart for myself (even though I don't drink that much) I'm OF COURSE looking for the coolest, vintagiest (yeah well it's a word now) bar implements for my as-of-yet-to-find bar cart. This super-heavy vintage glass and metal mesh seltzer bottle will be just the thing! AND I'll use it to make a glorious Christmas-themed cocktail. 

Well that's it for this Thursday's Merry Thrifted Christmas! I'll be catching you on the flipside sometime in January for another Thriftscore Thursday. Until then, keep up the hashtagging, and don't forget to visit these lovelies: