Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things to Make and Do

Since we recently moved to a small apartment, I've really been thinking hard about what I want to do decor-wise. We can paint if we like (to a certain extent) and I shared with you what the living room looked like before we painted it white. I still haven't quite decided as of today, but my goal is to get that wall painted. WITH SOMETHING. SOON. (Do you like how I haven't really given myself a deadline? Did I also mention this blog used to be called The Lazy Crafter?) But I digress. I had almost resigned myself to a solid-ish color, but then I saw this color-blocked wall:

All I can say is I. LOVE. IT. However, I am still vacillating betwixt a glaze-y (I could find no other word that evokes the appropriate feeling) aqua and a soothing shell-pink, not to mention the fact that I have the burning need to get art on those walls, stat! But! I really want to incorporate some kind of graphic element into whatever ends up happening on that wall.

Mr. M and I went to Lowes the other day to pick up a bunch of paint sample pots in various colors and guess what? We got so into looking at other stuff and planning other projects that we forgot to pick them up. Sigh.

Of course, that got me thinking that maybe I should wallpaper? Eesh. The thought of it gives me the shivers, but in a good way. Here are a few samples of what I'm thinking of:

Circus! Wallpaper! Found here.

Everything in this woman's Flikr is GORGEOUS. Mr. M thought this wallpaper too busy. He doesn't understand. 

Say it with me, Chinoiserie. One wouldn't want to sully this paper with framed art of any kind. Hmmm. Interesting proposition... Found here.

The search continues...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thrift Score Thursday #2

What fun I had thrifting over the weekend! Actually, I really only went to yard sales, but I spent less than I normally would at Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul. Bonus! 

Can I just say I want to go to where these thrifters are?? I need to get out more. It was difficult to choose only three favorites this week, but here they are:

Jenn at suite22antiques and I are clearly kindred spirits, for I too am a sucker for bits and bobs like these here:

Brass? Nesting? Bamboo? This triple threat has my heart going pitter-pat. I have GOT to find out where Kayla does her thrifting. Exhibit A:

Sabrina's Tumblr is so full of gorgeousness! You MUST click on her sale link and check out the brass trunks she's listed! I am dying over her score of the week:
I need this.

My heart-be-still find is something that isn't uncommon, but you know how it is when you connect with something at a tag sale, right? The foxed edges, the pale coloring, the nouveau design motif... It spoke to me and I couldn't not buy it for one dollar. True story. 
P.S. Do you see that little mirror?? It's either a rearview or side mirror from an old car. Awesome, non? 

Click over to see what Trisha and Brynne have discovered, and to see who this week's mystery host is!
Join this party! It's fun.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thrift Score Thursday

Long post alert! But it's interesting and fun, so....

I am super excited to announce that  starting today I will be taking part in Thrift Score Thursdays! If you aren't already aware, Thrift Score Thursday (Hereafter to be referred to as TST since I'm lazy all about abbreviations) is this really cool series whereby anyone who also happens to love and adore thrifting, yard sales, tag sales, dumpster-diving (it can happen!) and the like, can share their finds on Instagram and Twitter and their blog if they have one, using #thriftscorethursday. When I happened upon a post by Tanya I noticed that Brynne and Trisha were looking for more guest hosts, so I thought what the heck, I'll send them an email. Since I have a job unique to thrifting (okay, I manage a thrift shop) these sweet ladies came up with some great questions about what I do and what kind of stuff I've come across. There really were some fantastic questions, so here goes....

Brynne from The Gathered Home: How did you get started managing a thrift shop?

Me: My husband and I wanted to move our family to Washington State to be near the Puget Sound; Port Orchard to be exact. That's where he grew up and it is a LOVELY place. I was manager/gift buyer/events coordinator of the best bookstore in the world at the time and was sad to leave, but once I saw the ad on Craigslist for a small thrift shop in Bellevue (which is really nowhere near Port Orchard to the consternation of my husband) I knew that I had to go for it. And I got it! As a lifelong thrifter, I was a perfect fit. 

Brynne: What's the strangest thing you've come across?

Me: A prosthetic leg. Which I then gave to some students who were filming a scary movie.

Brynne: What's the coolest thing you've seen? 

Me: My shop is part of a church, and many of our donations come from church members. One in particular brought so many fantastic things from his father and grandfather, the best of which were a fore & aft helmet and epaulets in a metal case. I almost drooled. He also had a photo of his grandfather wearing said items and standing next to FDR. I love history!

Trisha from Black and White Obsession: Have you ever found money or anything else interesting tucked away in a pocket/drawer/ other odd location?

Me: Yes! When we find cash (which isn't too common) it goes into the volunteer appreciation fund which pays for the odd donut or treat for my volunteers. I am honored to work with a fairly large group of volunteers, many who've been at the thrift shop since it's inception in 1977! We also once received prophylactic-wrapped banana. (!)

Trisha: What was the most valuable item donated?

Me: A beautiful water color by a well-known California artist of the 1920's. It belonged to the same gentleman whose grandfather posed with FDR. It was worth a few thousand dollars, so I called Mr. Fitzgerald and let him know he might want to hang onto it, which he did. There was no story behind that, but he also donated a set of hand-painted Italian dishes that were purchased by his parents on their honeymoon in 1936.

Trisha: (I'm combining two questions here) Have you ever flat-out refused an item, and what kind of items are trash-bound upon arrival?

Me: If it smells or is visibly dirty or broken, it goes in the bin. It is very difficult to refuse things, but we are a small shop and usually don't take furniture. I will flat-out refuse yucky, food encrusted car seats. 

Trisha: Coolest owner to buyer story?

Me: So glad you asked this one! I recently received a LOT of vintage Noritake china, and one of my regular customers almost came to tears when she saw it. It was her grandmother's pattern which had been sold after she died.

Trisha: Have you found any love notes?

Me: Yes! Another church member donated a lot of his mother's items after she passed. We found the sweetest, most sincere love note in her jewelry box. (I wish I could remember what it said!) 

Trisha: Do you have regular thrifters? Do they request certain items? How often do they come in?

Me: Yes! Yes, though I try not to have favorites because it can be cutthroat (as I am sure you are all aware!) so normally if something is out on the floor and one of my regulars comes in, I will direct them to it, or I might put it on Facebook. Some of them are daily shoppers, some weekly, and I have a couple who visit twice a year from Reno! 

Thank you so much Brynne and Trisha for letting me be your guest host of the week!

And now for my favorite TST finds:

Talk about drool factor! This sweet bar cart from urvintagegirl is FAB, baby. Don Draper would be proud.

I do love a sewing box like this one from diy_passion_. I could fit all my unused embroidery stuff in there!

Bah! Where was this catch and release found! My hat is off to tsfinds for letting this one go. I would have bought a plane ticket to wherever to pick up these suckers. Had a similar one at my previous job. Lots of sitting and reading happened.

Here is my TST find of the week: (It isn't cheating that it's at my own shop, right??)

I love all things brass and all things nautical, so this was a real find! This will classify as a catch and release though, as I have vowed to not bring any goodies home for the time being. At least until I can make some room. 

Please click over to Brynne's and Trisha's blogs. I can't wait to see what they found!