Thursday, July 24, 2014

My toes are freezing. In July.

In other news, here is both a before and during of the living room. My husband does things for me. He's cool. I must also announce that at the ripe 'ole age of 39, I finally have a leather sofa, as you can see in the photographic evidence. It's buttery, neutral, and incredibly comfy. The best thing about it? It was a trade! My very talented husband and I built a Little Free Library for my cousin in return for this lovely thing. I think we maybe spent a max of $100, ergo, it was totally worth it. Please don't judge me for the state of said living room. We just moved in.

Maroon. Hmm. (But that couch! Divine.)

That sofa looks orange, but I swear it's just tan. Buff? Nude? 

What I won't let you see is the pig's ear I made of that white wall when I tried a little paint technique I like to call watercolor. You didn't know that watercolor was an option? Well, it isn't. I was going for this:


I know, I know I should have used glaze or wallpaper paste (my favorite alternative if you are too cheap have run out of glaze) but it was a Sunday and the only option for buying paint in Port Orchard on a Sunday is Wal-Mart. So watercolor it was. I love that color too, and we agreed to do some kind of aqua/turquoise/blue thing, but today I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she posted this thing about pink. Trust me, just click over there and if you still don't like pink, I don't know know what to tell you. I haven't talked to my husband yet about the possible color change but he's pretty easygoing when it comes to that. Plus, I have a ton of black-framed black & white art like papercuts, silhouettes, and a cross stitch or two so I'm on the fence a little. I've decided to live with the white for a little while in any case. 

I hope your toes are warm wherever you may be!

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  1. Oh girl, we totally work on trades too. We actually scored a red leather sofa for reworking my Aunts tv council... needless to say we totally had the better end of that deal. But then again, that council was totally brought back into this century by making the couple adjustments. Somehow that leather sofa, sadly, turned into my 130lb dog's favorite place to sleep.